For customers without a written agreement specific to graphic file retention or vendor managed inventory (VMI) with Grafika Commercial Printing, Inc. (Grafika), electronic graphic files supplied by the customer (“graphic files”) will be retained for a maximum period of 36 months. All graphic files moved or copied into Grafika’s storage network will be considered property of Grafika. All graphic file media will be destroyed once a job has been completed unless the customer specifically requests the media be returned to them which will take place upon job completion.

After the maximum retention period, graphic files will be deleted from all Grafika online and offline storage. Graphic files may be deleted prior to the maximum retention period if directed to do so by the customer for such reasons including, but not limited to, changes in product specifications, Grafika is provided newer versions of graphic files, customer ceases production of the product, customer version control policies, etc. Grafika reserves the right to delete graphic files prior to the maximum retention period should the customer or Grafika cease conducting business with the other entity.

Graphic files for active customers in good standing who have entered into VMI agreements with Grafika will be maintained as long as the product is actively ordered by the customer.

Customers should maintain their own copies of graphic files and be careful not to send their only copies of a graphic file to Grafika. Customers will be charged a retrieval and media fee should they request copies of their graphic files.

Grafika negotiates payment terms with each individual customer based on the customer’s creditworthiness.

The shipment of finished products is based on the availability of raw materials; size of the order; and Grafika’s production schedule.  Shipment could occur within 3 to 8 weeks for standard products or longer for some larger orders.