Award-Winning Consumer Packaging, Prime Label Printing, and More

We offer top of the line print products backed by strong customer relationships, focused solutions, and dedicated service.

What sets us apart is our ability to create a multitude of customized solutions. Grafika is more than a printer; we are a partner in elevating brands and products through innovative and quality print solutions.

Consumer Paperboard Packaging

We offer creative solutions for all your paperboard packaging needs from retail and medical to consumer and grocery. Our paperboard packaging solutions include folding cartons and boxes, clamshell and package inserts, product bands, wraps, and more. We also offer functional and graphic design assistance, ensuring that perfect finished product.

Consumer Paperboard Packaging

We offer creative paperboard packaging solutions to meet the needs of any retail, medical, consumer or grocery application.
Grafika offers the ultimate in pressure sensitive labels, decals, stickers, adhesives, face stocks, rolls, and cut-and-stack solutions.

Labeling and Product Identification

Trust Grafika for expert labeling and product identification solutions. Whether for consumer, industrial, or automotive products, or any high durability application, we have you covered.

Our solutions include pressure sensitive labels, decals, stickers, permanent and specialty adhesives, paper and synthetic face stocks, rolls, cut-and-stack, and more.


Paperboard Packaging Prototyping

Want to create a new look for your product packaging? Grafika offers pre-production prototyping services designed to ensure you’ll achieve the look you’re after. Plus, you’ll know the end product will work in the real world, just as planned. Not sure what gauge or type of board to use? We can help you sort through the multitude of board options, ensuring the best finished product for your business.

Paperboard Prototyping